Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch

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TURNKEY AMAZON + SHOPIFY SYSTEM: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Crash Course to Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch: All the TOOLS you need + A Team of Professionals ready to Guide You All the way to SUCCESS.

Create your own Profitable eCommerce Business from Scratch:

With No Capital Or Investments Using A Simple Amazon + Shopify System.

Do you want your products to be Selling Like Hot Cakes, but you don't have a product yet? And you don't know how to start? Do you want to start your own profitable ecommerce business with No Capital and No Investments? Without programming or selling skills?

No problem! This course and the success tools we developed are just right for you!

Quickly explain what makes this so different from other Amazon or Shopify courses. There are two types of such courses… Those made by theory-minded guys who never sold anything themselves and just like to teach, sharing outdated methods they've read in books, methods which might work or might not work...

And those made by Rockstar million-dollar sellers who jumped into this niche years ago, in front of the train, and made gazillions of dollars by building a community of hundreds of thousands of followers. To be honest, it's hard to relate to that if you are just starting out. ‘Good for them’ you think. ‘With millions of followers and seminars and a billion YouTube subscribers, of course they would do well. But what about me? What if I am just starting out?

Well, there is a solution; listen closely because I am going to show it to you!

You see, guys…"Sells Like Hot cakes" was made by a small group of friends who actually sell and use all the techniques and tools we teach in the course. All our information is current and up to date. We might not be making millions and we don’t have billions of subscribers and followers... yet. But we do know this stuff well and we do well selling on Amazon and Shopify. We are also really excited about sharing it with you!

In fact, we developed our tools for ourselves and did not plan to share them. However, after several friends who looked at our success decided to get started too, we shared our tools with them. This is how our small community quickly grew. We started accepting new private members and beta testers for our new tools, which we keep developing every month!

During this course, you will look over my shoulder and learn real-life examples of what works and what doesn’t. You will see the shops I run, how well they are doing, what profits they are generating, what tools I am using to create them, and how I drive traffic and sales.

I am not going to hide anything from you like most other Amazon sellers do. I am not worried that you will copy me or clone my product. In fact, go ahead and do it.

With Amazon's 250-billion-dollar online sales,

there is room for everyone.

No matter what you sell, there is always a fair competition, so worrying about it or hiding your products or shops from your followers is pointless and misleading in my opinion!

I will teach you everything from scratch. Whether you have no prior experience or are already selling well, you will find something new for yourself! We'll go through everything together, from basic to advanced stuff.

The hints, tricks and systems we share are not just theories but real, working systems that we use ourselves in our own online stores! I will share the links, contacts and important services I use, as well as tools and resources you might need along the way.

Inside you will learn:

I will teach you how to find product that sells and how to avoid 11 mistakes that people make when they are starting out.

I will show you essential tools to research a product, to legally spy on your competitors, to find out what works and to avoid wasting your time on what doesn’t.

I will teach you how to develop your brand and source your product, how to do due diligence and avoid getting scammed, how to analyze samples and place an order, how to ship your products safely and cost-effectively.

I will show you how to create your listings and marketing, how to research great keywords and get high ranks on Amazon, and how to stage your launch and get sales and reviews without being banned or getting hijacked!

I will show you how to avoid the common pitfalls and to achieve success the fastest way possible!

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